Empower Women.

Women Get It Done, a for-purpose social enterprise that connects people from diverse backgrounds with opportunities for training, employment and other supports. We give women coming out of custody, domestic violence and other adversity the opportunity to contribute to society and thrive.

 “Given the right opportunity and support, there is no telling what we can achieve.”
–Joan Andersson, Founder and CEO


Our Mission

To assist women from diverse backgrounds to access employment, training and support.

We believe that our past does not define our future. Every woman has the potential to succeed and excel given the right support and opportunities.

Through providing that support and connecting women with opportunities we inspire and empower women to move beyond their circumstances—to achieve financial independence, make their own decisions, improve their health and well-being and be in control of their future.

To achieve our mission, we partner with business, community organisations and individuals to gain vital funds, training and employment opportunities that lift women in our community.

Together, we are lifting the wellbeing of our community, socially and economically.

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Together We Get It Done

Together we get it done is the sister organisation of Women Get it done. Our purpose and goals are the same.  We are the employment arm of the company and our business employs men, women and non binary people from diverse backgrounds.